Our Mission Objectives

We acknowledge that a church can easily become a closed society, that the main purpose of the church as Christ's word in Luke 4:18

Our Vision 2013-2015

Our Ministries

Women Ministry
   Voluntary women members from our local churches working with their pastors leadership for the welfare granting sewing machines, helping to start cloth making units, prayer cells and prayer meetings. We are planning to give computer education for the village's women depending on the availability of funds

Children's Home
  There are thousands of children who don't have proper feeding, clothing and education. Many go starving because they are born to poor parents or are orphans. They need our compassion and help in their struggle against hardship. You can help one such child. Your help will provide a child's education, shelter, food, material care, and clothing.

Logos School of Christian Ministries
  Under Reach India Mission we have a ministry training school. There we are teaching the workers Bible doctrines and about ministerial strategies. LSCM has sent about 100 trained workers to different parts of India for the Lord as pastors, evangelists, Bible teachers and team leaders.










India at a Glance

India has over one billion people worshipping 330 million gods and goddesses. "India" means Hindu Nation and is made up of 85% Hindus, 11% Muslim, 2% Sikhs and 2% Christians. There are 17 major languages and over 1,000 dialects. India is a land of utmost poverty.

India has 4,635 ethnic groups. Only 1,200 of these groups have heard the gospel. India is a virgin land thirsting for a great spiritual outpouring. Tens of millions have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ! There is a growing militancy and opposition against Christians.